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High School Prom Pictures for Seniors

Prom is the biggest formal event of your Senior Year. If you participate, be sure to have professional photos taken. You may get so-so results from your Mom's digital camera. A professional will most likely be on hand at the event with reasonably priced packages available for purchase. Most will come with a money back guarantee and you'll have a lasting memory of your time at Prom.

Tips: If your dress is sleeveless, have a wrap or scarf handy to keep your arms from looking heavy. Also, make sure the photographer gets the corsage in the photo and keeps the tuxedo's collar straight!

New for 2010 Senior Pictures

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What should I expect to spend on Senior Pictures?

I have gotten lots of emails asking that question. It's difficult to answer because costs vary by location (metro or rural areas) and by photographer (professional, chain studio, weekend 'digital Debbie').

Most HIgh School Seniors spend a total national average of $1200 for Senior Portraits. That figure was provided by the Senior Portrait Photographers Guild in July of 2008. That figure includes total costs. Retouching, Location fees, Prints, Frames, Graduation Stationery, and Shipping.

Many folks like to say "ouch!" when I tell them the figure... but let's be honest! I always reply with the question "How much did you spend on Clothes alone for back-to-school wear?" Your student's Senior Pictures will remain a longer lasting representation of this time in their life much, much longer than the Hollister T-Shirts you bought them or the Lucky Brand jeans they wore for half a semester.

Digital Senior Pictures

Greetings! I want to let you all know that I have a new addition to our main website in the works... DIGITAL SENIOR PICTURES. We all know by now that digital photography is here to stay and I have a few things I'd like to let you in on. Just because your photographer owns a nice camera, doesn't mean they know how to use it. I've gotten too many emails from parents and seniors alike telling me how bad their "digital" senior pictures are... Funny, but it turns out, it's not the digital camera making the bad senior photographs after all... It's the PHOTOGRAPHER! Poor technique, coupled with even worse knowledge of Adobe PhotoShop, will ruin your senior picture experience faster than you can say "megapixel". Visit seniorpicturesonline for the full article soon. :)

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Reply to a Mom's Email

(This is a copy of recent correspondence from one of our readers. She OK'd us to post it on our blog for everyone to see. I thought it was a good question!)


"Dear R.B.,
My daughter hasn't even finished with her Junior year and she's already bugging me about her senior pictures. When do these kids get them taken? This is my first Senior. I have been researching online about High School Senior Pictures for a little while now and haven't found any site that really explains this. Any answer is appreciated."- Tracey C., Champagne IL


Every region in the US seems to have it's own "tradition". I have friends on the east coast who don't start shooting senior pictures until the fall, but many areas are already photographing 2009 graduates by mid-May prior to Graduation of the previous class. I'm guessing that your daughter already has a place in mind and it's probably because of seeing all her Senior 2008 friends' pictures. Once a student's Junior year is over, they consider themselves officially "Seniors" and it's great that she's excited about it. Early Summer is a great time to get outdoor portraits, too. The weather is generally cooler than July and August and the flowers and grass haven't been beat down by the summer heat yet. Also, if your new Senior has summer job, school, or travel commitments - it's good to get her Senior Pictures out of the way before school starts. Most photography studios offer "early bird" discounts for summer sessions and orders. Thanks for contacting us. I hope that helps you!- R. B., Senior Pictures Online . com