Nobody chooses their hairstylist based on price alone, so why do that with a photographer? Prices vary by market, quality, and level of experience. Here is what you should expect to pay on national average - $1500. Your area will vary. Most families who put forth effort to better their senior picture experience will spend more on average. Mostly because the results are far superior. Here is a simple suggestion. Listen to what your students friends say. Teenagers know who has got the best style from seeing friends photographs over the term of their high school career. Word of mouth is usually correct when it comes to senior portraits. Don't call around either. Photographers are very guarded about their prices and you may set yourself up for a disappointment when you finally arrive at the studio and see their "real" prices. My free advice is to set up a visit to the studio with your student. If you like what you see and hear, book ASAP to make sure you get the time you need. SEE MY POST ON PRICES & POLICIES