(In a general response to some e-mails we have received) Keep in mind this site is not meant to get you awesome Senior Pictures for pennies on the dollar. We're here to help those who wish to make an investment in good portraits and save money doing it. Getting the most for your money is what we intend to help you with, if you are spending $200,000 or $200. But don't expect to get Ansel Adams or Anne Geddes for $5.99. It won't matter how much money you save by going the "cheapest" route if your son or daughter is too embarrassed to hand out them out. Your family won't tell you to your face what a cheapskate you are when you hand them an ink-jet copy you scanned from a proof and that you acted like you did them a favor by giving them one. Believe it! I've got that uncle... even Grandma knew the difference!